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Release Notes for Version 3.0b5 (3018)


  • Fix possible crash when displaying the sync status view.
  • Fix crash during QIF import if the format inspection can’t recognize the date format.
  • Fix permissions on bundled CorePlot license file.
  • Fix font color on account and bucket transfer sheets.
  • Add a little padding between bank names in the New Account flow to make things easier on the eyes.

Split Transactions

  • Re-wire the “Split Transaction” menu item so that it is once again available in all expected contexts. This fixes both the key-command and the button in the inspector view.
  • Set a larger minium size on the Split Transaction Editor to prevent overlapping controls.
  • New header with larger fonts.
  • Fix appearance of combo boxes in list. Smaller row heights with more vertical padding to keep the text properly aligned.
  • Enable alternate row colouring for table view.

Exchange Rates

  • New header view with bigger fonts.
  • Default styling for controls.
  • The editor now responds to both Escape and Return to dismiss the view.
  • Remembers the editor size across runs of the application.
  • Enable alternate row colouring for table view.

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