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Release Notes for Version 3.0.6 (3029)

  • Improves management of private local backups. MoneyWell will now keep the last 3 months worth of local backups only.
  • Improves document tracking in the Welcome window. Should now properly reflect the contents of the “File > Open” menu item.
  • Improves handling of Welcome window at launch. Should prevent an issue where it could be displayed even if a document was properly restored.
  • Fixes the running balance when setting up a new document. Was not including the “Initial Balance” transaction. Reopening the document would properly update the totals but that’s no longer necessary.
  • Fixes a bug when migrating a document store. When triggered, this would result in a document that could no longer be saved.
  • Fixes tracking of synced documents when using multiple documents. Would erroneously update the bookmark data to the last auto-opened document.

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