MoneyWell by Diligent Robot

MoneyWell Support

Release Notes for Version 3.1.1 (3069) - 18th November 2020.

### New:

  • MoneyWell is now universal. If you have a shiny new M1 (Apple Silicon) Mac, MoneyWell will run natively.


  • Make the negative balance red colo(u)r brighter in dark mode.


  • Fix the all-white spending plan on High Sierra (10.13) and earlier versions of macOS.
  • Ensure we maintain the correct bucket order in the bucket combobox in the transaction editor.
  • Fix the spending plan graph so it displays the correct balances when there are multiple transactions on the same day.
  • Fix a possible crash when viewing the transaction report.
  • Fix a possible crash when viewing the portfolio.
  • Make it possible to use the sort button in the filter bar on Scheduled Transactions / Favorites screen.

Known Issue:

  • In fixing the issue with the sort bar we’ve introduced a temporary visual glitch in the filter bar when switching views with the sort / filter buttons overlapping. This will be fixed in a future release.