MoneyWell Release Notes

Welcome! Thank you for checking out the MoneyWell release notes. If you ever have any trouble with the in-app updater you can always download a fresh copy of MoneyWell from our website. For any feedback please get in touch via our support page. We’d be happy to hear from you.

Version 2.3.17:

Another small update to fix a couple of bugs

Version 2.3.16:

Small update to fix a couple of bugs

Version 2.3.15:

Don't get too excited. This is just a very small release to facilitate the move of MoneyWell to Diligent Robot. You can read about the acquisition here

Version 2.3.13:

Version 2.3.12:

Version 2.3.11:

Version 2.3.10:

Version 2.3.9:

Version 2.3.8:

Version 2.3.7:

Version 2.3.6:

Version 2.3.5:

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