Knowledge Base And an iPad release

A couple of small things to mention today:

MoneyWell Knowledge Base

A question we’ve heard a few times since taking over is “Where has the Knowledge base gone?”.

Well, we’ve been working to bring it back: It’s still a work in progress, but the support link on the website now takes you to the new support site. You can find it here.

If you find a problem with it, or if there’s a document you’d particularly like to see that hasn’t made it yet, please let us know.

MoneyWell for iPad 1.2.3

MoneyWell for iPad users who were on iOS 11 or 12 may have found themselves unable to open an OFX/QFX file downloaded from their online banking in MoneyWell. We’ve fixed this bug and MoneyWell for iPad 1.2.3 should be available via the App Store now.

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