macOS App Release 3.0.10 and a sync update

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just released version 3.0.10 of MoneyWell for macOS. This is a minor update which fixes a couple of issues including restoring undo support (finally 🎉).

The update should be available from the MoneyWell Menu -> Check For Updates.

Release Notes can be found here

While we’re in an updating mood, we also wanted to talk about progress on sync. Lots of you have taken the time to write to us to ask how we’re getting on, and we truly appreciate the interest and support MoneyWell customers have shown us since taking over at the beginning of the year. We recognize that from the outside, while waiting for sync to come back, that it may not look like much (or anything) is happening, but please rest assured that the app is receiving a lot of TLC, as we work to get the app into a good state for the future.

We’ve been making good progress on sync and feel like the direction we’ve taken is working well so far. We also need to address some instability issues in the current app – you may have run up against them. Unfortunately, to do this we’re having to re-work some of the underlying code which controls the UI. We won’t go into very much technical detail, but this means things are taking longer than we hoped.

We’ve set ourselves a release target to get something out by Q4 of 2019. Please take note that this is a target not a promise. We’re hesitant about giving any date, because software is hard to predict, but we wanted to give people an idea of the timescale we’re aiming at.

Finally, if you need help, support or have discovered a problem with MoneyWell, please contact us via our support site or by emailing us on We really want to provide excellent support, and generally support response times are under 24 hours. This is the fastest and best way to get a good response.

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