Diligent Robot Acquire MoneyWell

MoneyWell has been taken over by Diligent Robot. We’re huge fans of MoneyWell and have been for many years, so when we heard that it had been a little neglected and needed some love, we jumped at the chance.

Our top priorities are initially: to restore syncing, fix up lots of other bugs, and to ensure compatibility with the latest devices and versions of macOS and iOS which have been released.

We’ll also be going through the large backlog of support requests and reaching out to anyone that’s contacted support who never got a reply. It’s going to take us a while to get through them all, so we hope you’ll bear with us.

We would love to hear from you if you still use MoneyWell, have recently stopped or stopped long ago. What do/did you love? What needs/needed improving? You can e-mail us: support@moneywell.app, tweet @MoneyWell or post on our Facebook page

We know it’s going to take some time to regain your trust, but we hope we can return MoneyWell to its former glory.

Scotty, Matt & Sam @ Diligent Robot

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