macOS App Releases 3.0.7 and 2.3.15

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just released versions 2.3.15 and 3.0.7 of MoneyWell for macOS.

Please don’t get too excited – it’s taken us a little time to get to the point where we can ship updates, so it’s pleasing that these are out there, but it’s mostly about updating strings and URLs in the apps as part of the transition.

There is also a small tweak to Direct Connect settings – if you’ve been getting errors from your bank when connecting via MoneyWell related to your software being out of date, this might help.

Also a couple of Mojave UI glitches have been fixed.

The updates should be available from the MoneyWell Menu -> Check For Updates (or via the Mac App Store app if you purchased MoneyWell 2 from there).

Release Notes can be found here

An iPad update will follow soon – we’ll post another note when that’s released.

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