macOS App Release 3.1.2

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just released version 3.1.2 of MoneyWell for macOS

The main change is the many fixes necessary to support USAA breaking Direct Connect and introducing a number of new requirements to get it working again.
We’ve had a number of beta testers running this for the last couple of months who have been very helpful with providing feedback and helping us to iron out the issues. Thanks to them for their help.
Instructions on how to update your USAA connection can be found here . Please contact support if you encounter any issues.

MoneyWell 3.1.2 Release notes

The following updates and changes have been made:


  • Add a memo field to Events in the Spending Plan.


  • Make changes to accomodate USAA’s new Direct Connect method
  • Add Option for CSV Imports to ignore empty columns
  • Add more useful error message when trying to enter license code
  • Add a (visible) option to backdate Direct Connect dates for institutions who misuse the last updated Date (Citi, USAA)


  • Fix CSV import bug when importing check transactions
  • Fixes for a number of crashes

How To Update

The update should be available from the MoneyWell Menu -> Check For Updates.


You can download a fresh copy of MoneyWell for macOS here.

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